Storm Recovery & House Elevations

Impact Architecture, centrally located in Farmingdale, NY, has been involved with storm recovery projects immediately following the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. Our firm is certified by NY Rising with a focus on storm recovery and house lifting. Additionally, all of our services meet FEMA guidelines. We aim to help communities rebuild after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Moreover, we want to create safer spaces for when future storms occur. Our company currently has over 35 NY Rising clients with projects in various stages of completion.
After a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, more and more residents of Long Island are conscious of how well their homes can hold up in a dangerous storm. We have prepared countless homes for future storms with our house elevation services. These allow for foundation repairs and replacements, as well as protection against future flooding.
Prior to the start of NY Rising, Impact Architecture had elevated several homes on Long Island. We have assisted home owners and NY Rising in the repair and restoration of homes, from Oceanside to Mastic Beach. In fact, we have worked closely with NY Rising and most municipalities in major restorations, home elevations, and even the 6100 form completion. We continue to make every effort to put homeowners back in their homes and restore Long Island to its pre-Sandy condition, making this disaster a distant memory.

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